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Mindful Therapy - Coaching Individuel - Gestion de Stress - Sophie Rouméas

Les gens ne devraient pas toujours tant réfléchir à ce qu'ils doivent faire, ils devraient plutôt penser à ce qu'ils doivent être*, c’est dans cet esprit que Sophie vous accompagne le temps d’un objectif personnel et/ou professionnel. En synchronisant au mieux vos ressources (même cachées), vos valeurs, votre contexte, vos compétences... elle vous guide à définir votre vrai objectif! Notre partenariat s'effectue dans un cadre déontologique défini contractuellement dès le départ.

Hypnothérapeute, coach certifiée, référencée par le réseau Solutions performances depuis 2013, Sophie personnalise chaque accompagnement en intégrant une posture systémique et co-créative. Amenée à intervenir dans d’autres pays, elle peut vous guider en anglais.

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Meditations and Workshops

Individual Coaching - Stress Management - Sophie Rouméas

SBR Coaching & Resources offers you an interactive accompaniment based on the techniques of individual and collective coaching, stress management, hypnosis, on Annecy, Lyon, Geneva - France, Switzerland, States Unis.

Certified and referred in coaching by the network Solution Performances since 2013, certified in hypnosis standards ISEH and ABH, Sophie can guide you in French and English.

Meditation sessions

Each Friday morning from 8 AM to 9 AM, make an appointment with yourself and join us in the zen and welcoming Yoga Searcher*.

Since September 2018: Online Session* on Tuesday from 12 AM to 1 PM**

A few minutes of explanation about the benefits of a meditation practice, then let's make room for the experience!

Why do we stop meditating before we feel the benefits?

  • We may not really know what to expect as a result

  • We may not know how to integrate the practice at home

  • We may not necessarily recognize oneself in the spiritual tone sometimes perceived

Discover a simple and accessible practice to integrate in your dail life. A morning session to end the week in serenity and in conscience: 1 hour of meditation then let infuse the benefits in your day!

What main benefits can be appreciated by meditating regularly:

  • Reduced stress levels

  • Increased capacity of resilience by being less under pressure...

  • improvement of consciousness (of self, others, circumstances, environment...)

  • improved concentation and productivity

  • increased creativity by reducing internal chatter...

  • improved quality of sleep

  • and so on...

For a fuller description of the meditation sessions, click Meditations at Yoga Searcher and on, a website dedicated to meditation since November 2017.

I shut my eyes in order to see - Paul Gauguin

I shut my eyes in order to see - Paul Gauguin

* Yoga Searcher - 2 Avenue de la Mavéria - 74940 Annecy Le Vieux - France

** Online Session: send an email to to receive your link (you will need an internet connection and a video on your device - computer, tablet, phone…)

Sessions are conducted in French; English sessions on demand ( individual or group session).

Group session available at your business place (minimum of 5 people).


By being part in our workshops, you take the opportunity of testing, re-discovering your internal resources, always present when we ask them, in particular through our breathing and the mechanism of our thoughts; it is universally recognized that our thoughts have an impact on the reality of our lives, on the choices we make, and those we do not, on the consequences of our actions and our non-actions… What does occur when we are invaded by negative thoughts, or doubt, stress? What is the answer that the others and events mirror to us?  Paying attention to our thoughts, our beliefs is a way to become aware of our own responsibility in the life we create. And it is a good news! When 50% of our genetics and 10% of the external circumstances influence our life and the way we create it, there are always 40% which depend directly on our perception of our reality, this same perception which influences all our choices! And even if the circumstances of the present do not seem favorable to us (stress, fear, diseases…) it is very often during these times that we are ready to change what should be in ourselves.

We created workshops of sharing experiences and tools so that people can discover and reach concretely their own capacities of resilience and creativity in the situations of emotional and/or physical stress, reinforce their identity positively and redefine their life more freely…

All the tools and the resources included in these workshops were selected thanks to the experience and in partnership with experimented and engaged therapists, who regularly make us the honor of their active participation.

These tools are usually used during individual sessions (therapies, coaching…), and we make possible to you to discover them in small group for a smarter price, always within enveloping and pleasant frameworks!

Each workshop holds between 2,5 and 3 hours and includes home kit resources for your autonomy. To check the dates and the contents, go to the Events Page.

Workshop n°1 : Stress Management


Each workshop includes some explanations on the topic, practical exercices, tools to go on with, and some resources to go deeper at your own rythm:

You will:

  1. re-examine the consequences of the stress on the body and the spirit

  2. discover and practice Conscious Breathing to calm mental chattering

  3. discover and practice Visualization to attenuate and release from the stress and its effects

  4. discover and practice Self-Hypnosis to reach your aspirations/goals

  5. go on with these concrete resources to use in your everyday life.

To see the dates and the contents, go on the Events tab.

Workshop n°2 : Deepening in the techniques and specificities of topics

Since 2015, SBR Coaching & Resources organized dozens of workshops and group sessions in various places, on topics around wellbeing, mindfulness, intuition, creativity, and stress management.

The dates, places and contents are available in the Events tab:

-          At work, when Burn-Out comes

-          Family and parental stress

-          Choices - How do we really choose

-          Intuition, this inner voice

-          Unleash your creativity

If you wish to participate in a workshop about one of the topics above, contact us via the Contact page:

Corporate Health and Wellness Workshops

Would you like to offer to your company the opportunity of having coach facilitator come to your workplace to help people learn about how to boost health, eliminate stress and skyrocket productivity?

We are available to give business presentation of any of these popular topics: Workplace Happiness, Optimize Brain Preformance, Make Better Choices...

If you're interested in more information for your workplace or business group, please email us.

Why our participants came to our workshops:

 “I wish to learn how to better manage my stress and my emotions”

” I want to find how to solve the flow of of thoughts, ruminations, the negative mind chatter… “

“I would like to decrease my level of stress, to improve my sleep and to release the tensions in my belly…”

“I would like to reinforce my confidence in me and in my choices”

” I would like to know the impacts of the stress on the body and to (re)balance my energies"

 “I need to rebalance private life vs. professional life…”

“My goal is to review some tools or keys moreover! “


You will find some testimonials of participants after workshops by clicking HERE.

By sacrificing the essential for the emergency, one forgets the urgency of the essential
— Edgar Morin