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24 Rue Henry Bordeaux
Annecy, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, 74000

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Mindful Therapy - Coaching Individuel - Gestion de Stress - Sophie Rouméas

Les gens ne devraient pas toujours tant réfléchir à ce qu'ils doivent faire, ils devraient plutôt penser à ce qu'ils doivent être*, c’est dans cet esprit que Sophie vous accompagne le temps d’un objectif personnel et/ou professionnel. En synchronisant au mieux vos ressources (même cachées), vos valeurs, votre contexte, vos compétences... elle vous guide à définir votre vrai objectif! Notre partenariat s'effectue dans un cadre déontologique défini contractuellement dès le départ.

Hypnothérapeute, coach certifiée, référencée par le réseau Solutions performances depuis 2013, Sophie personnalise chaque accompagnement en intégrant une posture systémique et co-créative. Amenée à intervenir dans d’autres pays, elle peut vous guider en anglais.


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Individual Coaching - Stress Management - Sophie Rouméas

SBR Coaching & Resources offers you an interactive accompaniment based on the techniques of individual and collective coaching, stress management, hypnosis, on Annecy, Lyon, Geneva - France, Switzerland, States Unis.

Certified and referred in coaching by the network Solution Performances since 2013, certified in hypnosis standards ISEH and ABH, Sophie can guide you in French and in English.

Find your formula

How may we choose the facilitator who can guide us a time on our way of evolution? Trust your intuition, take time to breathe and to feel if such person is right for you or not.

A person can be very well for your neighbor, but not inevitably for you, and vice versa. Beyond the competences acquired and used by the facilitators (coaches, therapists…), what will make the difference for you, is what YOU will feel on contact with them.

For what reasons to partner with a coach?

Life brings sometimes transitional periods which can destabilize, it can be the case at the time of a loss or a change of employment, a creation of a business, a divorce which includes to remain the best possible parents, a new love relationship, a health challenge…

Sometimes stopped or slowed down in our dash of life, we can feel a need for assistance, from others. Family, friends, external assistance…

What can make you choose to be connected with coaching and/or another kind of ?

Do you feel the need to re-define yourself, to re-organize, to make choices, to achieve a goal which deserves your full potential, and to have confidence in you and who you are.

These periods of change are the best opportunity to feel what makes really sense in your own existence. To release yourself from blockage, limitations, fears, and to build a reality which is really the one that you wish for your inner self!

Did you already feel the loss of time? By making an activity, by carrying out a task, by sharing one moment with others? While being pre-occupied, you already felt the major sense of your actions, through the daily life, as well as at work? Did you already feel in deep connexion with nature, with a person, with yourself quite simply?

Quite simply… however it happens that this simplicity may escapes us. It may be necessary for us to find this simplicity again, even to request or accept it again.

Before speaking about your goals, we will speak about you; from the people whom I followed with so far, even with different goals, personal, professional, all have a common point: the search for the inner core from which flows the real motivations, the deep impulse of life; at this stage, we focus on rediscovering this inner core, that one can call the life engine.

When we reconnect with our inner core, a personal puzzle develops by itself, effortlessly. The missing parts of your ideal of life may arrive in time and place.

The "right" people for your evolution arrive on your way “as by coïncidence”, and to achieve your happiness does not seem to cost you any more effort, but becomes a pleasure.

You find your new comfort zone, and the very first goal is finally achievable by you, since you will have taken place and grown in your inner space, your inner core.

To speak about "success of life" appears daring to many, but once one lives completely in their inner space which is the “I”, then the audacity and excitement of living makes sense, and this new way of living is molded and combined into our present existence.

Impose your good fortune, keep hold of your happiness and embrace risk. They’ll be watching you and will get used to it.
— René Char

Specialities of coaching:

  • Stress management ( burn-out, to release some place and express your aspirations)

  • Professional evolution, career transition, creation of activity, responsibilities extension, public speaking, talents activation (even the hidden ones!), resolution of conflictual dynamics, performance improvement...

  • Personal evolution, change management: new responsibilities, conscious uncoupling, loss of job, grieving, retirement...

  • Relationships: family and professional dynamics

Choose your support :

  • One on One session in Annecy, Geneva, and on request

  • Skype session (French/English)

  • Team and individual coaching in business and organizations

  • Stress Management Workshops available in several cities and on demand

To get started

A Free 20 minutes Discovery Phone Call is necessary before a very first appointement with me;

Book your spot today so that I can include / understand your needs and goals for a better connection.

Cclick on the button below to plan your 20 Min. Discovery Phone Call; please indicate your availability and your contact details:

A tailored support for each one of your needs and goals!

Because you are unique, each individual session is so, and the evaluation of your needs will determine the modalities of our partnership.  

  • Breathing techniques, meditation and guided relaxation to minimize the stress answer (professional, familial, parental, social, pre and post medical diagnostics, mourning…) and in order to find a better inner peace.

  • Hypnosis, guided imagery to manage and reduce pains, stress, blockages, trauma consequences (fears, anger, anxiety, depression…); to improve the quality of sleep, to revitalize your body (decrease the tiredness), to manage your weight (overweight, lack), to stop smoking, to minimize the odd habits.

  • Coaching techniques, visualization, auto-hypnosis, systemic tools to revive your internal resources, to improve your self-confidence, your capacity of resilience, your decision power, to redefine your limits, to repair your interpersonal relationships (professional, family dynamics) ; to facilitate the learning, to optimize your focus ability and productivity…

Activate your resources…


If for a practical reason you could not attend physically for a session, we can meet on skype; you just need to have a computer connected to Internet and equipped with a webcam. You can download the free program skype on your computer (

My user name is: sophiesr1

Price per individual session:

75 € for an individual session of 60 minutes - 90 € for an individual session of 90 minutes -

The sessions are settled by check or cash (no CB payment), at the beginning of the session.

Sessions which include hypnosis usually last 90 minutes in the first session; we determine the duration of the session when planning an appointment together.

We can choose to extend the current session according to your need and according to our mutual availability.

For your planning (time, budget) we can define an action plan over several sessions after the first appointment, or you can decide to come punctually;

From experience and feedback from our clients, each goal / need ideally requires a beginning of change then a reinforcement of the change (new behavior), in a minimum of 2 sessions.

By choosing a coaching partnership, which may include several modalities, we are committed to meeting for sessions ideally spaced of maximum 15 days, so that you can benefit from the process - several steps - in an optimum way.

Don’t die with your music still inside you
— Wayne Dyer