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24 Rue Henry Bordeaux
Annecy, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, 74000

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Mindful Therapy - Coaching Individuel - Gestion de Stress - Sophie Rouméas

Les gens ne devraient pas toujours tant réfléchir à ce qu'ils doivent faire, ils devraient plutôt penser à ce qu'ils doivent être*, c’est dans cet esprit que Sophie vous accompagne le temps d’un objectif personnel et/ou professionnel. En synchronisant au mieux vos ressources (même cachées), vos valeurs, votre contexte, vos compétences... elle vous guide à définir votre vrai objectif! Notre partenariat s'effectue dans un cadre déontologique défini contractuellement dès le départ.

Hypnothérapeute, coach certifiée, référencée par le réseau Solutions performances depuis 2013, Sophie personnalise chaque accompagnement en intégrant une posture systémique et co-créative. Amenée à intervenir dans d’autres pays, elle peut vous guider en anglais.


Individual Coaching - Stress Management - Sophie Rouméas

SBR Coaching & Resources offers you an interactive accompaniment based on the techniques of individual and collective coaching, stress management, hypnosis, on Annecy, Lyon, Geneva - France, Switzerland, States Unis.

Certified and referred in coaching by the network Solution Performances since 2013, certified in hypnosis standards ISEH and ABH, Sophie can guide you in French and in English.

Let's voice your soul!

Attentive with people who surround me - those who know me, say sometimes, that I see in them what they do not always perceive them-self.

Today, my framework of facilitation is based on my personal and professional experience:

I have encountered a number of situations which encouraged me to explore and use techniques for dealing with difficult life challenges; and have applied these tools in my work with others.

These techniques included: coaching, psychogenealogy, systemic tools using constellations, hypnosis, visualization, and conscious breathing in meditation.

Gradually, by using each personal development tool that I discovered, I formed an integration and combination of alternative therapies into my own process of transformation. This association of alternative therapies allows me to have significant results with my clients.

I also facilitate the team and its' Individuals, within the organization or the association - with tailored tools which combine lucidity and intuition, performance and creativity.

My past in various economic contexts is useful for working with the needs of the individual and of the team. Thus, serving the broader vision of the organization and its' success.

In daily life, I am a partner, a mother, a woman, a sister, a daughter, a friend and a facilitator for the life change… I like to explore new horizons, to discover new cultures through human interactions, to make the experiment of the world under water, in mountain, in nature, and as much to put myself at the service of the Other in search of resources and direction !

Because each Human Being is unique, I commit myself accompanying you with respect and consciousness, in an unique and tailored way for you!

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Master in Individual and Team Coaching - France, Paris - Ecole Supérieure de Coaching

Master in Systemic Constellations of Organizations - France, Paris - Chantal Motto

Master of Practice in Ericksonian Hypnosis - ISEH (American Society of Ericksonian Hypnosis) / ABH (American Board of Hypnotherapy) - Canada - ID Com International - Isabelle David

Past Lives Regression Therapy - USA - The Weiss Institute - Brian Weiss

Aura Vision Training - Aura Reading - Canada - ID Com International - Isabelle David

Transcendental Meditation (TM) - USA, New York Manhattan Center - TM Technique

Seminars of Systemic and Family Constellations - France, Switzerland, Germany - Bert Hellinger

Master 2 Management and Business Administration - France, Chambery - Ecole Supérieure de Commerce

My journey

Beyond the experiences, challenges and inspiration that life brings to us each day, I have the chance to meet inspired and inspiring people, whose presence was and remains an occasion to learn a little more each time!

Each personal development tool that I discovered and that I continue to develop and use, form an integration and combination of alternative therapies into my own technology.

These components and tools are used and applied with my clients in an unique way for each, depending upon their needs and desires.

Working on my own family history enabled me to discover the discipline of psychogenealogy; thanks to the extraordinary experiment and benevolence of Chantal Rialland, psychotherapist and writer especially of the best-seller Cette Famille qui vit en nous - This Family which Lives in Us.

Our family heritage is the composit of our beliefs, our values, our existential schemes; and consequently influences our decisions.

The awakening of this "family heritage" influence makes it possible to redefine and concretize much more freely our life choices! By developing the natural energy associated with the "family tree" we are able to use this energy to achieve personal goals.

Another component in the process is the use of systemic constellations to model the systemic and Co-creative dimension. The use and integration of systemic constellations with my clients helps to change through senses their perception of themselves in their personal and professional context.

My process includes various stress management techniques learned from working with Whitworth Jery, a mind body stress management therapist and cofounder of several departments of complementary medicine at Columbia University.

His priceless experience of more than 30 years and his constant research on stress, pain and sleep pattern management, made it possible to co-create our workshops that you can discover in the Workshops menu: to learn how to control the stress and its effects on physical and mental health in an autonomous way!

Another alternative therapy involves the use of Past Lives Regression Therapy. I was trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, psychoterapist, President Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. 

I gladly integrate this amazing and powerful technique into the process. If you want an introduction to this therapeutic dimension, please read "Many Lives, Many Masters", one of his best-sellers available in pocket format; many testimonials of people having benefited from this therapy are discussed in the book.

My approach integrates various modern alternative therapies with French Alpes cultural values including family, survival, harmony with nature and respect of others.

We created a website dedicated to Meditation that you are welcome to visit : Meditation can be a very efficient resource for people who seek for a daily support to handle stress and its symptoms.

Ethical frame

As a coach, I committed myself to accept and respect the ethic rules defined by my profession.

You can not have wings, before you have roots.
— Francesco Di Castri